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Mise en Scène

Video installation  

Part of a two artists collaboration project

Curator: Nir Harmat

Virtual exhibition / April -June 2020

“It is only as any aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world appear justified.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche - The Birth of a Tragedy. 1872 


Mise en Scène, an installation composed by 5 video works,  approaches a basic and ongoing dilemma that has haunted my creative process for many years, which is confronting me to the basic question that asks about my moral rights as an artist to relate and interpret atrocities using aesthetics as means of expression. As if, for the sake of art, one could see harmonic tones, within the ugliness of evil. As if, for the sake of existence, one would foreseen light, within the harshness of truth. As if, it wouldn’t be possible in any other way. But besides any personal contemplation, Mise en Scène aims to expose the subliminal and inevitable pleasure of aesthetic character, which arises as the artist’s creative spirit searches through the absurdity of horrors to find reasons; an imperative path that makes it possible to sublimate many unbearable facts of the history of the human kind.


The Count.tiff
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