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The Eureka Bliss

Multimedia project about the process of creation

Curatorial advice: Marek Wasilevski

Artspace TLV / June 2015

 “I like to wake up dripping the whiteness of that idea, which has not been born yet.”

With this opening line interdisciplinary artist Liliana Orbach begins her notes about the process of creation, a significant subject that has underlined her creative search for several years and which became her PhD central topic of research.


Willing to arrive to a deeper understanding of such process, she has broadened her search by looking at how the Eureka sparks are being born within the creative minds of others.


Not necessarily aiming for a scientific proof or an undeniable conclusion, being this topic non-measurable and not necessarily based on logical deduction, her main intention is to elucidate what happens to us as we give birth to an idea and what is behind the processes preceding and following such sudden instance.


Orbach’s own writings about the topic, as well as a variety of theme related video interviews with creators from different backgrounds and occupations, served as the point of departure for the implementation of her multimedia installation.


The project was premiered in Israel, at Artspace TLV.

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