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Wschodnia gallery. Lodz, Poland / September 2019

Tetramatika festival of audiovisual art. Dzyga gallery. Lviv, Ukraine / October 2019 

In the year 1924 my grandparents and part of their family from my father side immigrated to Argentina. Since then, no-one from my family ever visited Lemberg, or Lwow, or Lviv, three different names for one city within Galicia, the historic region of Eastern Europe, which was at the time a Polish City, my grandparents’ home land.

Not much I knew about the area and its idiosyncrasy and not much I asked my grandparents either. Yet, my desire to visit the city grew with time, although I did not know what exactly I wanted to look for or, eventually, to find out.

As of the beginning of 2019 the last member of that branch of my family turned into a sweet and nostalgic memory. And there I was, with no-one else to ask, even if I would very much like to. And there I was, surrounded with cravings for that far away land, a land plenty of unknowns, the land of my roots.

And so it is, that my journey of fascinating discoveries began. And so it is, that as deep as I was diving into the past of my dear ones, as curious I became by the intrigues of a region and an era fulfilled with complexities and gaps.

Beyond being an art project, became a journey of fascinating discoveries, a trail scattered with melancholy and with hope, with frustration and with satisfaction, with sorrow and with joy. has enabled me to walk along the path of my ancestors and, in a way, it feels as if I would be going back home.

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