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Movements Unfold Home

Group exhibition


Curator: Gili Zaidman

Grosso Modo Gallery / Tel Aviv, Israel

Hundreds of art books; several albums with photos of my loved ones, a few more with memories of my travels; six crystal glasses (what's left of my childhood home); three dessert spoons (what's left of my wedding gifts); various old-fashioned clothes; some letters and photos (which I don't dare to throw away); many smiles; a pool of tears. Things I chose to say; things that I chose to hide; all that I own; everything I lost.

A Safe Place to Fall  consists of two parts that are also made up of sub-parts. The first, full of details and more frantic, includes a video work and a text, The video depicts in a double vision angle as if through binoculars, an apartment filled with objects. A text in Spanish, Orbach's mother tongue, enumerates things that the video seems to scroll in retrospect, describing objects, landmarks and feelings from another place.

The second part is displayed in another area of the exhibition. A forlorn-looking photograph show an abandoned empty space with a window, and a small screen, which overlaps part of it, runs a video of treetops moving slowly along an uncertain path. 

The landscapes and buildings in both parts of the work were photographed in Europe, the work is a sort of prologue to a wide body of work by the artist tracing her family roots.

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