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The Eureka Bliss

Multimedia project about the process of creation

Curatorial advice: Marek Wasilevski

Artspace TLV / June 2015

- The inspired process unwraps its wonders somewhere in between my beliefs and my expectations. At times, it happens just when I am about to determine a failure, when there is that void that deepens out of hesitation, out of lack of clarity of mind, to see what it is there to see.  - Page 3 

- I cherish ideas that know how to pronounce their modes. They tend to impose themselves, and I like determination. They are dressed in fogginess on occasion, but their strategy of pretending would not let, just like that, my unripe character to emerge. -  Page 8

- Through the gentle hints of dramatic fate I delineate my kingdom. From its obscured terrains I unearth the fruits of my approaching rhyme. And the melodious tones just whisper their grace of severe announcements. I will just procure not to entangle with their harshness of tone. - Page 15-16

* Selected texts from "The Eureka Bliss - Personal thoughts about the process of creation " , by Liliana Orbach.

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