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Advice for a Dancing Girl

Chapter I - Beneath my Feet


Curator: Nir Harmat

Grosso Modo Gallery / Tel Aviv, Israel

Liliana Orbach immerses into the folds of denial that accompanied her personal and artistic path. 

She turns the silences into a sequence of fragile images, which reveal the basic aspects of human nature;  love and closeness, sorrow and gloominess. 

In her exhibition 'Advice to a Dancing Girl' she turns the private memories into a material of the consciousness where the memory becomes all the memories and none of them. 

The exhibition displays images of objects that have a connection to Orbach's private biography, but at the same time she seeks to distance herself and disconnect from the personal story and create a renewed, collective reconstruction. The objects and situations are also themselves and at the same time loaded with metaphors; they are filled and emptied of their role in reality. 

According to her: "In the past I asked to detach my works from any emotional nuance. Something awakened within me during my trip to Ukraine a few years ago. As if my relatives' homeland was waiting for me. I felt the need to explore my roots. The journey began. I am ready to deal with the history of personal sorrow from a different angle."

For the most part, Orbach's works contain almost no clues about the true reality, the one that stood or is happening outside the photograph. They serve as an invisible membrane between the personal and the collective and they invite the viewer to place the images in a mental, conscious space.


Nir Harmat - Curator

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