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Advice for a Dancing Girl

Chapter II- Hide and Seek


Curator: Nir Harmat

Grosso Modo Gallery / Tel Aviv, Israel

Liliana Orbach continues her artistic research following flickering childhood memories. She acts as a collector of fragments of memory, which she assembles into a compound that is personal and collective in equal measure. The whole and the broken are woven together and function as a game of Hide and Seek, where one can hide, discover and be revealed. She seeks to rephrase words she could not say, to give them shape, volume and freedom through photographs, video works and objects.


The artistic raw materials she uses are based on a collection of inherited objects, her family album and an archive of 8 millimeter films that came with the family to Israel from Argentina. She dismantles and rebuilds them, choosing fragmented pieces that are gathered together to form a story. 

The connection of elements is a recurring motif in the exhibition, and just as she connects and redeems the objects and the photos from the album, she connects and restores a broken ceramic vessel in one of her video works, using the traditional Japanese technique of kintsugi. Kintsugi is linked to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which embraces flaws and imperfections, appreciates the old, the evidence of wear and tear created by time. A golden line heals the fractures and returns the tool to use - as in life itself.


Nir Harmat - Curator

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